Honoring faculty accomplishments.

The influence of our expert faculty extends beyond the classroom. Their work as authors, researchers, spiritual leaders and lifelong learners uniquely qualifies them to help students build connections between academic knowledge and everyday work.


Dr. Jonathan Greer, associate professor of Old Testament and director of the Hesse Memorial Archaeological Laboratory, published an article titled "The 'Priestly Portion' in the Hebrew Bible: Its Ancient Near Eastern Context and Its Implications for the Composition of P" in The Journal of Biblical Literature.

Dr. John Hilber, professor of Old Testament, published a book titled Ezekiel: A Focused Commentary for Preaching and Teaching with Cascade Books.

Dr. Justin Burdine, assistant professor of biology, published "Interactive Effects of Urbanization and Local Habitat Characteristics Influence Bee Communities and Flower Visitation Rates" in the peer-reviewed journal Oecologia.

Dr. Scott Sanders, professor of social work, co-authored an article/chapter for The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Ethics and Values. He also presented "Teaching Ethics: Promoting Moral Courage Through a Common Moral Framework" at the NASW-Michigan Annual Conference.

Dr. Stephen Devereaux, assistant professor of mathematics, is a referee for an article submitted to Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, a prestigious journal on graph theory based out of the University of Zielona Góra in Poland.

Dr. Sergio da Silva published an article titled "When Physiotherapy is Not Enough: A Concise Questionnaire to Predict the Need for Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Pain" in the Journal of Pain Management.

Dr. Ryan Roberts, associate professor of Old Testament, published a book review titled on Barabara G. Wheeler's "Disruption and Hope: Religious Traditions and the Future of Theological Education."

Chris Kellner, assistant professor of finance, was awarded a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning grant for a project titled "Listening to Students: Integrating Computer Information Systems Praxis into Finance Curriculum." He also co-authored an article titled "Meet the Woman Whose Creative Experience Provided the Germ for Organizational Learning" which was published by the GVSU Johnson Center.

Dr. Jason Stevens, associate professor of English, wrote four online blog essays for the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) and taught Irish History and Literature at CU's Summer Series of Lifelong Learning.

Cynthia Beach, associate professor of English, contributed a story titled "Redeeming Trust" in The Horse of My Dreams: True Stories of the Horses We Love, a book edited by Callie Smith Grant.

Films and Musical Scores

Brad Porter, assistant professor of film production, participated in video shoots for Merrell and Abbott Labs in Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Vancouver, Calgary, Maui, Chicago and Duluth. He also directed two music videos and worked as a cinematographer for two campaigns for Hydro Flask.

Dr. Desmond Ikegwuonu, assistant professor of music and director of worship arts, completed a new commission titled "Na So E Be" for the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra and completed three other new orchestral works. He also received approval from the C.S. Lewis Foundation to publish works composed with texts by C.S. Lewis.


Jeff Degner, assistant professor of economics, presented "The Political Causes of Hospital Price Increases" at the Economic and Business History Society Conference in Detroit and published "The Family Institution in the Inflation Culture: A Literature Review" for the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

Dr. Rachel Hammond, associate professor of business and chair of the Business Division, presented on board gender diversity at the Economic and Business History Society in Detroit and at the CCCU Diversity Conference at George Fox University.

Dr. Michael Pasquale, professor of linguistics and chair of the Humanities Division, presented a talk on linguistics and language learning at the University of Palermo in Italy.

Dr. Michael VanDyke, professor of English, presented a paper titled "Marilynne Robinson's Calvinist Anthropology as Historical Method" at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston.

Dr. Nigel Crompton, professor of biology, held two lectures on "Mendelian Genetics" and "Hybrid Birds of Paradise" at a conference in Stuttgart, Germany, and one on "Gender Dysphoria" at a conference in Regensburg, Germany, in May. He helped a senior research student start a new project on cell irradiation and knee arthritis using CU's new bench top-irradiator and Celesta flow cytometer. He also held a Newman Series Lecture entitled "The Intersection of Science and Faith" at the University Center of Ferris State University in October.

Julia Petersen, assistant professor of creativity and innovation, presented "Toward Increased Faith Integration in Design Classrooms at Christian Universities" at the Christians in the Visual Arts Biennial Conference in June 2019.

Dr. Kent Walters, professor of music, taught three worship practicum courses at the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies in Jacksonville, Fla.

April VanPutten, assistant professor of business, presented "The Impact of Transformational Instructor Leadership on Student Outcomes" at the Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, Mich.

Dr. Erik Benson, associate professor of history, presented "Not Easy or Comfortable: Teaching Challenging Topics" and co-presented "The Coach in the Corner: Re-Envisioning the Instructor/Learner Relationship" at the Lilly Conference on Teaching and Learning in Traverse City, Mich.

Dr. Michael Stevens, professor of English, taught Grand Rapids and the Civil War at CU's Summer Series of Lifelong Learning.

Dr. Martin Spence, associate professor of history, taught Brexit and British Politics at CU's Summer Series of Lifelong Learning.

Dr. Nola Carew, associate professor of social work, provided ACE (Adverse Child Experiences) trauma trainings in the local community for health care, school and child welfare organizations; consulted with a local organization to help them implement a grant to develop a trauma-informed practice approach for their programming and conducted a foster parent training on secondary trauma.

Dr. Matt Bonzo, professor of philosophy, refereed paper proposals for the Kuyers Institute Conference on the theme of "Shaping Christian Learning" and gave a paper presentation titled "A Table of Love" at the American Society of Missiology.

Research Projects

Dr. Rob Keys, professor of science, continued his funded summer research with two student research assistants on a project studying how management effects grassland biodiversity at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute.

Dr. Jim Dekker, professor of ministry and chair of the Bible, Religion & Ministry Division, is developing a research team of five to study resilience among Yupic and Inupiaq Alaskans.

Dr. James Sackett, assistant professor of kinesiology, mentored two recent graduates on their "Sport Performance With Sprinting" research.

Sherry Williams, associate professor of kinesiology, took nine students to the Dominican Republic in May for a two-week outreach ministry. Students worked in vocational settings and supported long-term missionaries in the city of Jarabaoa.

Academic Degrees

Three professors in the Teacher Education Division completed course work for their doctoral programs: Kristin Rich, assistant professor of education; Kim Hofstra, assistant professor of education; and Pam George assistant professor of special education.

Beth VanderKolk passed her proposal defense and comprehensive exams as part of her doctoral program at Johns Hopkins University.

Four professors in the Business Division completed course work for their doctoral programs: Victoria Fleenor, assistant professor of business; Chris Kellner, assistant professor of finance; Alexandria Baldridge, assistant professor of marketing; and April VanPutten, assistant professor of business.