It's about more than a degree.

At Cornerstone University, knowledge is about more than just filling your head with facts; education is about more than listening to a lecture. Here, you will develop a deeper understanding of people, life and God.

With more than 60 academic programs, we offer associate and bachelor's degrees in a variety of majors. Search our programs to learn more about career opportunities, required classes and the places where 100% of our students have taken part in internship or practicum experiences.


A major in accounting capitalizes on your ability to analyze data and communicate strategic leadership insights. It prepares you with the skills required to interact with for-profit and non-profit business clients. It equips you to make sound, ethical decisions that align with a biblical worldview. And it empowers you as a lifelong learner in a fast-growing industry.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Biblical Studies

A biblical studies major trains you to engage the text of Scripture at a deeper level. It prepares you to understand the literary and historical studies that illuminate the biblical narrative. It gives you research tools to ask context-based questions about authorial intent. And it equips you with specialized knowledge to communicate the Bible's message with diverse audiences and to shepherd people.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Business Administration

Be prepared with the skills you need to be a proactive entrepreneur. Our program trains you to evaluate opportunities from a vocational perspective and lead successfully with a biblical worldview. Upon completion of your major, you will graduate as a confident and competent business professional ready to serve your community.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Business Economics

The economics major draws on your wide range of interests in relevant topics such as political science, history, mathematics, social science and business. It strengthens your analytical skills and understanding of systems thinking as you study human behavior. It motivates you to become involved in critically evaluating theories and sustainably providing relief to communities. And it prepares you to discern and apply unchanging biblical principles in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Business Finance

A major in finance prepares you with the theoretical and analytical framework for making decisions about budgets, resource allocations and investments. It readies you with knowledge of corporate finance, economic development, insurance and risk management. It trains you to apply financial principles to real-world business case studies. And it equips you to advance as a character-driven leader.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Business Management

The business management major prepares you to lead change in an organization. It equips you with a working knowledge of project management skills and processes. It trains you to as a strategic, collaborative and solutions-oriented professional. And it positions you to excel as a Christ-centered, people-oriented servant leader.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Business Marketing

A major in marketing builds your understanding of consumer behavior, values and empathy. It strengthens your skills in communication, sales management, brand awareness and advertising practices. It prepares you to implement strategic, results-oriented campaigns for clients in a variety of industries. And it empowers you to excel as a Christ-centered influencer in the marketplace.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Computer Information Systems

A computer information systems major prepares you to advance as a business technology professional in a growing career field. It sharpens your ability to exercise logical thinking and find new ways to apply the use of technology in organizational contexts. It equips you with the skills necessary to excel as an innovative problem solver. And it trains you to integrate faith and work as a Christ-centered business leader.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Creative Writing

A major in creative writing trains you in disciplines and habits characteristic of the writing life. It matures your understanding of craft, the writing process, creativity and story development. It provides advanced upper-level courses focused on producing publishable works in the genres of fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. And it equips you to excel as an influential communicator.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor

Exercise Science: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

An emphasis in cardiac rehabilitation prepares you to transition into a clinical exercise science setting. Designed to train you to serve patients who have experienced a heart attack, coronary artery bypass surgery, or are at risk for such an event, cardiac rehabilitation is a hospital-supported rehabilitation program.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science


As a history major, you will study the past with the aim of understanding the future. Historical inquiry scrutinizes human action and belief, for better or worse. It seeks to understand the forces and trends that shaped events and actions.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor

Intercultural Studies

The intercultural studies major equips you for cross-cultural ministry in a church or parachurch setting. It trains you to provide a curriculum that is biblically rooted, theoretically sound, holistically based and practically relevant. And it empowers you to become an innovative cross-cultural leader who follows the teaching of Christ in making disciples of all ethnic groups.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

International Business

The international business major prepares you to excel as a culturally astute business professional in the context of a dynamic global economy. It trains you in aspects of accounting, economics, finance, marketing and management. It equips you with knowledge of cultural protocols, communication variables and trade laws. And it empowers you to excel as an influencer in our world for Christ.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Language Arts Group Education

The Language Arts Group major is designed to prepare Language Arts teachers for the elementary level. This program prepares teachers for the BX endorsement upon passing the Michigan State MTTC teacher’s exam and is for Teacher Education students who enjoy reading and writing and who desire to teach children at the elementary school level.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor


The linguistics major capitalizes on your knowledge of the structure and use of language. It equips you with a Christian theology of language learning based on linguistic hospitality. It trains you in the methods of language acquisition and techniques of linguistic analysis. And it empowers you to excel as a Christ-centered influencer.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor


Graduating equipped with knowledge of critical theory in literature, you will extend your abilities as a reader and writer, sharpening your skills to interpret and respond to both familiar and new texts. Pairing your interests in eloquent, meaningful words and written texts, a major in literature will allow you to develop your ability to read and write as an effective, ethically responsible communicator. 

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

Mathematics Education

Mathematics for Secondary Teachers provides a route to Michigan certification to teach mathematics in a high school classroom. There is a significant and growing shortage of mathematics teachers in Michigan and across the nation. Teachers certified by the State of Michigan in mathematics and science are highly respected professionals and are sought-after by schools throughout the nation.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts


The ministry major prepares you to engage our postmodern culture as a competent, caring and creative professional. It equips you to apply creative problem solving and design thinking in church or parachurch ministry settings. It empowers you to seek emotional health for yourself and others. And it competitively positions you for your vocation with practical and specialized ministry knowledge.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor

Missions Aviation

The missions aviation major combines your interests in biblical studies, intercultural studies and aviation technology. It provides valuable theological and technical training for work on the mission field. It equips you to communicate the Bible's message with diverse audiences. And it empowers you to excel as a Christ-centered influencer in our world.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

Music: Worship Arts

The Worship Arts major integrates three areas of study: Music, Bible, and Media. Our four-year degree program prepares you to become well-equipped for fruitful ministry in the local church, grow as a skilled musician, and excel as a leader who possesses strong interpersonal skills.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor

Non-Profit Administration

Non-profit administration equips you to excel as a business leader in the growing non-profit sector. It prepares you to steward financial resources. It trains you to manage teams and personnel according to best practices in human resources. And it empowers you to enact change in your community and organization as an influencer for Christ.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor


A major in philosophy cultivates your skills in critical thinking, moral reflection and intellectual dialogue. It builds your knowledge of the philosophical tradition from the basis of a Christian worldview. It trains you to ask different questions, observe new connections between unresolved issues and apply interdisciplinary knowledge based on your broad range of interests in the humanities. And it capitalizes on your curiosity regarding the life of the mind, preparing you to excel as a thoughtful, well-reasoned influencer.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor


The nursing program builds on your strengths to selflessly advocate for others. It trains you to manage patient information, process quick decisions and communicate scientific concepts with accessible language. It encourages you to offer hope at each stage of the healing process. And it equips you to excel as a compassionate, competent health care professional.

Degree Type: Associate of Science

Professional Writing

A professional writing major trains you in the discipline and craft of writing. Building on the intellectual foundation provided by courses in the humanities, it teaches you the process of writing for publication. It shows you how to connect with diverse audiences through long-form narratives. And it equips you to cultivate practices that enrich your lifelong work as a writer.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor

Secondary Education

Our secondary education majors equip you to teach a subject area in a middle school or high school classroom. Combining academically rigorous course work in education and the liberal arts with practical teaching experience, we graduate students to influence culture as highly qualified teachers in public, Christian and international schools.

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts

Social Work

Social Work is a profession devoted to helping people function the best they can in their environment. With a major in Social Work, you'll graduate with confidence to engage diverse populations in both local and global settings, gaining an enriched perspective of the global church and growing as a student alongside members of the campus community.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Social Work ,  Minor


A major in Spanish prepares you to learn about and work with the Latino community. It trains you to exercise cultural intelligence and demonstrate hospitality toward diverse populations. It allows you to improve in the four linguistic abilities, taking courses designed to reflect the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages' proficiency guidelines. And it empowers you to excel as a Christ-centered influencer in our world.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Arts ,  Minor

Sport Management

A major in sport management integrates your passion for athletics and business acumen. It increases your understanding of trends and patterns of change in the culture of sport. It prepares you to manage event planning processes, coordinate entertainment programming and conduct media relations tasks. And it equips you to excel as a Christ-centered business leader or talent manager in a diverse field.

Degree Types:  Bachelor of Science ,  Minor