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You are uniquely gifted. God has given you a passion for how you will serve others during your lifetime. However, your passion and vocation are not always clear. Take our free Focus 2 Apply quiz today to see a list of recommended majors that align with your educational interests, personality type and career goals.

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At Cornerstone University, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your college experience with purpose-guided career support and academic planning. Our Focus 2 Apply assessment is a great first step in discovering your passion and calling.

The Focus 2 Apply quiz is designed to give you potential career options that fit your calling and identify potential majors that will help you get there. Here's how to take the quiz:

  1. Create your account (which takes less than two minutes).
  2. Take the Work Interest and Academic Strength assessments.
  3. View your results and identify majors you could choose at Cornerstone.

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Don't let the prospect of choosing a major or career path overwhelm you. To learn more about your personalized list of majors and Focus 2 Apply quiz results, contact your admissions counselor. We'd be glad to talk with you about your Focus 2 Apply report and our more than 60 traditional undergraduate academic programs!

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