Enter your college studies early.

Are you highly motivated? Are you excited to experience college at a lower cost? Cornerstone University's Dual Enrollment Program provides collegiate, Christ-centered education opportunities to high school and homeschool students who meet our admission criteria.

The purpose of the program is to supplement and enrich the academic programs of ambitious high school students by widening their options and offering them the challenge of taking courses that are unavailable at their high schools.

Dual enrollment students are categorized as non-degree seeking students, limited to enrolling in two courses of seven credits per semester with a maximum of 24 credit hours.

Admission Requirements & Application

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

Taking a college-level course as a high school student prepares you for your next step after high school. It introduces you to the types of class work and expectations you will experience while at a university. It also allows you to earn credits before becoming a full-time college student, which can potentially save you money and shorten the time it takes for you to complete your degree.

Dual Enrollment vs. Dual Credit

Before applying for a dual enrollment course at Cornerstone, you need to know the difference between dual enrollment and dual credit.

Dual enrollment courses count exclusively toward future college credits. This is not the same as dual credit enrollment. Dual credit means that the college course counts for both high school credits toward high school graduation and college credits. Approval for dual credit courses are often determined by Cornerstone and your high school.

Program Cost Information

Fall and spring tuition is $191 per credit hour and participation in the program also requires payment of a $35 technology fee per semester. Other fees—including the cost of books—may apply depending on the course(s) you enroll in. Summer tuition is $375 per credit hour and does not include a technology fee.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Assistant Director of Early College Programs Care Allen at care.allen@cornerstone.edu, or reach out to your admissions counselor.