Enter your career with a global perspective.

At Cornerstone University, you'll discover a community of students that come from more than 30 countries. Each year, we welcome international students to Grand Rapids from countries such as Argentina, China, Canada, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Zambia, Congo and Australia. We invite you to join our vibrant community and are eager to welcome you as part of our story.

We value the global span of cultures, traditions and languages that God has gifted us as part of His Kingdom. Here, you may experience testimony from an international guest speaker, attend a cultural exchange event like Mixed Threads or sing your worship in a new language during chapel. As a CU student, you will be challenged to grow, develop a deeper understanding of Christ and rigorously pursue new opportunities.

Start the Application Process

The Undergraduate Admission Office is ready to help you in your transition to college. Cornerstone offers over 70 majors for you to pursue your Christ-given calling. By pairing your passions with CU's unwavering dedication to teaching you applicable skills and knowledge, you will graduate equipped to excel in your chosen field and daily life.

To begin, see our application details and we will walk you through the international student admissions process.

Connect with Our Campus Community

One of the most impactful aspects of college is often the relationships you form there. You can connect with fellow students and campus life before even setting foot on CU campus by downloading the ZeeMee app. In our ZeeMee community, you can chat with other students, get answers to your questions about college life and watch live videos from current students at CU.

Photos of Student Life at Cornerstone