Cornerstone Alumni Association

The Cornerstone Alumni Association is a community of people who reflect the university's history, steady its present and cultivate its future.

Your story matters. You've built your life on the foundation of Christ, and now you're continuing to shape this world for Him. Tell us how the Lord has been moving in you, and join us in growing the next generation of students in their faith. Start by sharing your current information with the Cornerstone Alumni Association. Or, consider giving to further Cornerstone's mission.

Alumni Awards

Cornerstone graduates are reflecting Christ in businesses and homes across the country as well as throughout the world. We praise the Lord for their victories as well as the tireless dedication and passion of the men and women who serve here. Join the Alumni Association in honoring award recipients of the last year.

Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Journal

We're proud of all the accomplishments of our alumni within the last year as well as the continued health of the university. The Cornerstone University Alumni Journal is produced annually through a partnership between the Alumni Relations and Marketing & Communications offices at Cornerstone. Each publication aims to tell stories of the ways God is continuing to work through and beyond Cornerstone.

Cornerstone University Undergrad Commencement 2015 from Cornerstone University on Vimeo.

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