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Seminary Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Degrees Preparation

  • Q: Can I specialize my degree to my area of interest?
    A: Yes! All of our programs have elective space that allow you to tailor your degree. Several of our programs include specializations that allow you to graduate with an area of emphasis on your degree. For example, Master of Divinity students can specialize in Pastoral Ministries, Student and Family Ministries, Small Group ad Discipleship Ministries, Intercultural Ministries, Formation and Soul Care Ministries, Chaplaincy, and Academic. We also offer specializations within the M.A. Biblical Exegesis, M.A. Counseling and M.A. Christian Formation degrees. Please see the individual degree pages to learn more.

  • Q: Does the MA Counseling program prepare me for state licensure?
    Yes, the M.A. Counseling degree at GRTS is approved by the State of Michigan to provide training towards LPC status. For more details see the M.A. Counseling page.

Theological Distinctions

  • Q: What sets GRTS apart from other seminaries?
    A: Each seminary will have particular strengths. The primary mission of GRTS is to educate students who are gifted for ministry for service in the church and other ministry settings. As a multi-denominational school GRTS trains students from many different backgrounds and this is reflected in the curriculum and classroom discussion. GRTS is also committed to engaging education from a high view of Scripture and to exegeting the Bible in its original languages. The Ministry Residency program at GRTS provides an in-depth ministry training experience for ministry students. M.A. Counseling students complete Practicum and Internships as part of their practical training prior to graduation. GRTS also integrates academic learning and classroom discussion with practical hands-on training.

  • Q: I have a diverse denominational background. Will I fit in?
    Yes, students at GRTS come from many different church backgrounds and denominations. GRTS values learning together in community and students find that they have others who can identify with them and encourage them during their time at seminary.

  • Q: Will my denomination accept my degree from GRTS?
    Most denominations will accept a degree from GRTS as part of the requirements for ordination. However, it is important to verify with the denomination (or church association) in which you plan to serve to confirm that they do recognize GRTS degrees. Each denomination establishes their own ordination process and standards so it is advisable to be in contact with your church to confirm their requirements.


  • 81% of Graduates are Employed in Various Forms of Vocational Ministry
  • 83% of Students Graduate within 5 Years
  • 66% of Students who Begin a Degree Program, Complete a Degree Program
  • 87% of Students Achieved the Highest Outcome ("Making Good Progress in Readiness for Ministry") in the Midpoint Assessment
  • 97% of Students Achieved the Highest Outcome ("Making Good Progress in Readiness for Ministry") in the Exit Assessment