Bringing Value to Everyday Life.

As a seminarian, you'll belong to a vibrant community of fellow graduate students, growing as an individual, professional, leader and disciple of Christ. During your degree program, you can expect to:

  • Deepen Your Biblical Knowledge. Seminary gives you the opportunity to dig deeper in the text of Scripture. Learning how to handle God’s Word under the direction of biblical scholars is the foundation of seminary training. You will learn to engage the text of the Bible in the original languages of Greek and Hebrew. This builds a strong foundation for understanding and teaching the Bible.
  • Pursue Theological Development. Seminary is the place where you gain a greater depth of theological understanding. Understanding the Christian worldview and exploring theological diversity is an incredibly valuable experience. The study of theology will deepen your understanding of the nature of God, His revelation, the person of Christ, God’s design for humanity, and much more. Historical theology classes will also allow you to engage the way God’s revelation has been understood throughout church history.
  • Complete Dedicated Counseling and Ministry Training. Seminary provides you with the opportunity to explore different areas of ministry. Whether your passion is for youth ministry, cross-cultural ministry, Christian formation, or counseling, seminary is a place for dedicated ministry training. Ministry residency and internship opportunities provide a practical foundation for future positions.
  • Become Part of a Community. Making the choice to attend seminary means you have the opportunity to join a community of fellow learners. You will join others who are exploring the same questions and topics as you, learning together from professors who are specialists in their field of study. Seminary is a time for making deep friendships and lasting connections.
  • Experience A Time of Personal Growth. Seminary builds a framework for you to enhance your gifts and prepare for ministry. Dedicating time and energy to your personal growth and formation is vital to your time in seminary. You will have the opportunity to grow in wisdom and discernment as you learn more about your unique call. The time you dedicate to learning in the classroom, studying carefully selected readings, and participating in conversations with others, all help you to grow.

Questions for Choosing a Seminary

As you begin your seminary search, consider asking these important questions.

  • Do I feel a call to serve others in ministry? Have others affirmed your call to serve in ministry?
  • Am I committed to a specific denomination or do I want to attend an interdenominational seminary?
  • Am I looking for a school that prepares me for ministry, future Ph.D. work, or both? 
  • Is the seminary in a location that offers the potential for an enriching ministry experience?
  • Do the professors have a voice in current ministry topics? If so, are they faculty I desire to study under?
  • Will I have the support from faculty and advisers I need in order to make the right decisions?
  • Ask the pastors and spiritual leaders in your life about their own journey into ministry. Learn from their experience to gain a better understanding about what path might be right for you.

It is also important to spend time in prayer, reading Scripture and allowing God to lead you. Seek the input of others. Ask your family and friends—those who know you best—to see if they think that attending seminary is right for you.