Cornerstone Students Shine in a Variety of Internships


by Audrey Wierenga (B.A. ’18)

In every academic program at Cornerstone University, students take part in an internship or practicum for credit. This allows them to apply what they've learned in the classroom to workplace settings and learn more about the jobs they’re called to. As Christ-followers, they also have the chance to display virtues like gratitude, humility and stewardship while on the job.

Brandon Chase (B.S. ’21) is an engineering management student who is currently interning at Gentex Corp. in Zeeland, Mich. As a production support engineer, Chase is able to improve manufacturing techniques by analyzing different aspects of production. Gentex produces rearview and side mirrors for cars, specifically electrochromic mirrors, mirrors that react to light and become dimmer or brighter.

"I've learned a lot about how best to communicate with my team," Chase said. "It's been a great opportunity to gain experience in the workplace."

Chase said that his classes have helped him learn the processes of engineering that he is able to apply every day on the job. "I've had previous experience with project engineering," Chase said. "This is more process engineering, so I'm looking at the production and making improvements."

Other students are also finding ways to apply what they've learned in the classroom in practical settings. Mathematics and finance major Welamaza Magwentshu (B.S. ’20) interned at Navigator Truck Insurance as a special finance projects intern, where he was able to use the skills he attained as a double major in math and finance. After taking challenging classes like data management, Magwentshu felt prepared to tackle the challenges of the workplace.

"I learned that I still have quite a bit of learning to do," Magwentshu said. "It's important to keep up with new data handling software and keep learning better ways of making sense from big data. Before this internship, I was not sure about going to grad school, but now it is definitely something worth considering as a means to develop my skill set."

COVID-19 prompted a quick turn for employers in all industries. Interns such as Chase and Magwentshu have risen to the challenge facing many students and employers alike.

"Remote internships are very viable opportunities," said Anne Gaertner, senior director of employer relations and internships. "The where and how is changing, yet work remains a necessary part of today's economy. Internships—whether remote or on-site—provide phenomenal experiences to students and young talent. It's exciting to see business and ministries respond to the ever-evolving dynamics of today's world.

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