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Professor of Old Testament

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Grand Rapids Theological Seminary - Bible, Theology & Ministry

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Dr. John Hilber, professor of Old Testament, brings a pastoral heart to the classroom, encouraging seminarians to grow in grace by encountering the Living Word through the written word. He teaches graduate-level courses in the Hebrew language, biblical hermeneutics, Christian spiritual formation and biblical exegesis, guiding students in his classes toward greater confidence in their skills to interpret, appreciate and engage the texts of the Old Testament.

A graduate of the University of Cambridge, the bulk of Dr. Hilber's research has focused on ancient Near Eastern religion as it relates to Old Testament prophecy. A more recent research agenda emerged during his sabbatical as a Senior Research Fellow of the Henry Center for Theological Understanding where he engaged questions of science and the Bible.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Hilber joined the faculty of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in 2012. His professional memberships include the American Oriental Society, American Schools of Oriental Research, Evangelical Theological Society, Institute for Biblical Research and Society of Biblical Literature.


Articles and Book Chapters

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  • Ph.D., Old Testament, University of Cambridge (2004)
  • Th.M., Semitics and Old Testament, Dallas Theological Seminary (1984)
  • B.S., Geology, University of Washington (1977)


—Outdoor recreation


—The Old Testament and its ancient Near Eastern religious and literary context
—Science and the Bible