Transparency matters.

At Cornerstone University, faculty and staff take seriously their responsibility to provide an excellent education designed for working adults. From program learning outcomes to surveys, the Professional & Graduate Studies division uses a variety of evaluative instruments to measure the progress, accomplishments and transformation of enrolled students and recent graduates.

We strive to be transparent regarding the assessment of student outcomes and the disclosure of educational effectiveness data. Cornerstone values such reviews for our stewardship, critical feedback in the process of organizational learning and as a matter of integrity with our students. The following percentages are five-year averages from various PGS surveys.

Graduation Rates

With a commitment to student success, our team of faculty and staff help empower you to cross the finish line of graduation with your degree. These graduation rates demonstrate how many of our students complete their program on average.

  • Associate Programs: 43%
  • Bachelor's Programs: 70%
  • Master's Programs: 78%

Employment Rates

Whether your next career move is a step up or a transition into a new field, the practical experience gained through a degree program can help you achieve that goal. These employment rates show the percentage of students that are employed after they complete their degree program.

  • Associate Programs: 94%
  • Bachelor's Programs: 95%
  • Master's Programs: 93%

Accreditation and Affiliations

Cornerstone is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and also associated with the following organizations.